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Buying decommissioned street signs, including those from Toronto, is now easier and safer than ever before, with our online Toronto street sign auction. This is great news for people who have previously questioned the process of bidding for items online. This shift in the right direction is made possible thanks to Auctionwin, which helps you find the very best items for sale through online auctions. 


Why should I use Auctionwin?

There are a lot of benefits to using our site, including anonymity and simplicity. Unlike traditional auctions, Auctionwin allows you to find and bid on a variety of the best items for sale from the comfort of your own home. Not only can you purchase incredible pieces for your home or collection, but you can do so without ever leaving your couch. 


How does Auctionwin find items to sell?

Beginning in 2013, the City of Toronto decided to sell many of the decommissioned street signs that formerly adorned some of their most famous streets. Retiring and replacing signs is a normal part of the life cycle for these location markers, but now they’re being sold at Toronto street sign auctions so that citizens can enjoy them— and the memories that go along with them— forever.


Are decommissioned street signs valuable?

This is not the first time that Toronto street signs have gone up for auction.  Platinum auctions for Toronto street signs were held in the past. One auction in 2016 raised over $100,000. The transportation services department of Toronto confirmed at the time that a total of 638 signs sold for $100,710. 


Why do the signs sell for so much at a street signs auction?

If you’re surprised that decommissioned Toronto street signs sell for so much money, you’re not alone. 


One of the things that likely drives the price of a given sign is its sentimental value to the citizens bidding on it. Signs that were located on popular streets will sell at higher prices than more obscure street signs. 


People who have grown up in the area are keen to acquire mementos of a bygone age, even if the current street signs have received a bit of a modern makeover. These signs allow people to hold onto a beloved piece of history forever.


All of the money raised in the auction of the old Toronto street signs will be used for the signs and markings operating budget. Those funds will be allocated to the installation and development of newer street signs for the Toronto area. 


What kind of street signs can you find on Auctionwin?

The street signs available for bidding on Auctionwin vary depending on when you’re trying to purchase them. The city of Toronto cycles through a variety of signs for sale every so often, and as new ones are listed they will become available on Auctionwin. 


Auctionwin makes it easy to track the bidding history on the items that pique your interest the most so that you can be sure to lock in your item before the bidding ends. All of the street signs for sale on these sites are available for a period of 60 days.